I know it’s the chorus to the popular song by Sister Sledge, but I want these ideas to get stuck in your head!

        As an educator, I have the most amazing opportunities to meet and work with so many families. My belief is that families need to be empowered to support the learning that occurs both in the home and in the classroom. No family is the same as they demonstrate different backgrounds, cultures, religions, educations, and socio-economic status. Each family demonstrates their own distinct personality and perspective of life and relationships. I enjoy the stories of how they came together and the journey of their evolving love and commitment is demonstrated. This allows me to understand the challenges and difficulties they have in engaging with their child’s educational journey.

                Perhaps as an educator and my passion for working with families, I often invite and seek out conversations that revolve around the family’s goals. I am curious to hear about the common challenges families face today. I begin with the question “What keeps you up at night?” The answers usually revolved around the common challenges: finances, health, personal growth, individuality, security, and parenting….As I reflect upon these themes, I consider how parenting for my generation( and the next) has changed and what that means for families today.

How have families evolved over time in the American culture? What was considered a family once, and what does it represent today? How can I have my child successful in an ever-changing world? How can I keep with all the swaying opinions that my child brings home to me? Why does child x perform well for other adults and not for me?

It is with this in mind that I have decided to create a 5 part series in which I respond to these questions with a particular focus on a topic that ripples through many families: parenting


  • Self Care: Why Serving Yourself is NOT Selfish
  • Tangled! How to Untangle Yourself from sounding like Mom or Dad
  • Well, that’s Awkward! A Survival Guide for Social No-no’s
  • Behavior Starter Pack: How to get a Boost in Positive Behavior
  • I Speak Child: How to be Fluent in the Language of Youth!

Stay tuned for part 1. It is my hope that this blog series will allow you to gain a new perspective on parenting relationships. Please connect with me, so that I may learn about your ideas on the family.

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